spiritual mental physical. the bad room in the good room. brooklyn, new york. january 20, 2019.

music by butter x scribe x duchess

spoken words by afi and duchess

“Spiritual mental physical”. half moon radio. brooklyn, new york. january 11, 2019

duchess on the mix

words by afi and duchess

"A Double LP". the mixtape shop. brooklyn, new york. october 14, 2017

recorded by butter

music by the duchess

words by afi

"Keys open Poems" EP.  playground coffee shop. brooklyn, new york. february 5, 2017

music by olu odubiro

words by afi

"The Audience of Extended Audibles". bed vyne brew. brooklyn, new york. september 11, 2016

recorded and mixed by asen james

music by asen james and amir

congas by AR II

words by afi