About the Chapters. 

The Chapters are reel spotlights synthesized with spoken words. 


california clips

the 110

Fog and sun sitting in the tree


performance recaps

Sitar shakes

A meditation on the heat and concentration of sound

Hosted by Bierwax

July 1, 2018

brooklyn, New y0rk


aya ganaha

neil padukone

chris maestro

Abdul fattah ismail

flyer by habtoons

video by kjax

music by anoushka shankar

The History of rhythm, by women o La Historia del ritma, por mujeres

a talent showcase of women from the caribbean diaspora

starr bar

march 25, 2018

brooklyn, new york



megan curet

melani de guzman

cesilie anandi

nina vicious

luisa bastidas



candles by chiquita brujita

watercolors by ARt Rox the world


hosted and produced by afi

video by scogé

words by afi

flyer by clemenizard